This list shows my ancestors' surnames.  Click on a name to see my working pdf file.  All of the files below are considered works in progress, and they contain some undocumented secondary sources.  However, all of the linked surname files contain my original research.  Surnames that are not linked are my ancestors, but I don't yet have enough information to share. 

Check back regularly for new and updated family reports.  
Caution:  Be sure to check primary sources to verify information, and do not accept my research as fact.  Corrections are welcome if you have primary sources.

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Baldwin,  Bauman, Bayley/Bailey, Beebe, Bellinger, Benner, Boyd, Brockway, Budd, Burt, Bush, Byer 

Carr, Coley, Colton, Cook, Cooper, Cork, Cory, Cowpers, Cresswell, Cummings

Davis, Defibaugh, DeHart, Dievendorf, Dickinson, Domer,  Dresch

Eleson, Ely

Ferre, Ferris, Fink, Frost

Geysen, Godshalk, Graves, Gray, Green, Greisher, Griswold

Hardy, Harmon, Haymaker, Hertzler, Hill, Hobby, Holmes, Hooley, Hochstetler, Hoyt 

Jansen, Jackson

Keeney, Keim, Kelier, Knapp, Kuhn

Ladd, Lantz, List/Leist, Lockwood, Lodisoir, Lovejoy, Lyon

Marche, Mast, Matson, Mead, Meuller, Meyers, Miller, Mills, Mishler, Mauers/Mowers

Olinger, Oathout

Parcet, Patterson, Pitcher, Potter

Reed, Richardson, Riley, Ritter, Ruegy, Ruggles, Rundle 

Saunders, Schmidt, Searle, Sheef, Shultz, Sikes, Smith, Stebbins, Stratton, Stutzman, Swan 

Ten Broeck, Thielsen, Tipton

Van Pelt, Lane-Laenen

Wagaman, Warriner, Waterbury, Weiss, Whiting, Williams, Wolcott, Wright